Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Zombie Throats Pt. Deuce

Last part we left off on was Part 1 "Why?"

I can continue with the next question:


I personally believe that a type of death comes to different types of virus's out there. So in the case of a human to zombie conversion a person will become motionless and the death of the human. In that time the body would prepare for the zombie phase of its existence and close the throat then. It also applies to cases where the human to zombie conversion is through a rapid change instead of an actual death. It all begins where the body prepares to become a zombie, a little after the brain kills of some of the functions it doesn't need will it be time to change the throat.


The tubes we breathe through are just like all the other muscles we have, they can contract. At the point of the conversion where the throat closes the muscles simply do what they can do - contract. There are a lot of theories about this one of them being the throat decays so much that it actually interupts the breathing process and creates a different kind of restriction.

There are more questions and this is open to discussion!


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Zombie Theory is back!

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Zombie Throats

Aside from the throat of a human being a good target for a zombie attack the throat of a zombie is also intriguing.

When spotting a zombie it sometimes isn't the site or the smell of them, one can be identified by the sound of them. Zombies have a very noticeable moan or very long yawn that sounds varying from loud and annoying to quiet and inconspicuous.

Why do zombies make the noise they make? Thinking about the fairly complex breathing system we have and how efficient it is to make breathing quiet you'd think zombies would also have the same system but they seem to make the weird breathing noise.

One of my many theories is that when whatever virus (yes virus) attacks the host it closes off most of the hosts bodily functions that aren't vital to the zombies survival. Thus the throat closes because that much air intake is not vital or needed for the zombies survival. So the throat closes to restrict the air intake. Seeing as there are many different types of viruses that could make a person into a zombie it is very dependent on that variable.

EDIT- Ill continue this section in a little i just want to publish something other than the intro.

Start of Zombie Theories

So I am creating a blog for myself and others to discuss what they think some of the reasons and mysteries behind zombies are. Not what you read in a book about someone who thinks they know them, just personal/random thoughts on why zombies do what they do.

Let the theorizing begin!